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From local broadcasts to syndicated programming, security issues to driver relations… BCB has the staff, technology, and equipment to communicate your company’s top safety needs.

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At BCB, we practice what we preach. We’ve been creating safety-focused content in the trucking industry for years which resulted in YoY insurance premium savings—and now we want to help other trucking companies do the same. 

With daily live broadcasts, our network of hosts and producers can create customized content for your listeners and drivers about safety in the trucking industry, the state of the union, and much more.

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BCB Live assists our nation’s logistics professionals and truck drivers to excel at their profession through educational content broadcasted live daily. If you find this content interesting be sure to like and subscribe. You can follow us on other platforms below. LinkedIn: Facebook: Website:

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With daily live shows, our team can create custom content geared towards your drivers to influence a safety-first culture.

From the technology tech stack to social media distribution, our team handles it all. Find out how we can create a live video strategy for your company today.

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